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Gaming Advisory Services has specialist and in-depth knowledge of gaming compliance to assist your organizations needs. We offer real-world experience to develop a balance between operational requirements and effective regulatory controls for existing gaming organizations or start-up gaming organizations. We help our clients by providing:

Compliance Advice – Our team has real-world experience to discuss and provide solutions to your compliance questions. Call us for a no obligation conversation about how we can help you develop or enhance your compliance needs.

Compliance Program Development – Our experienced compliance specialists will develop a compliance program that balances your operational needs and effectively meets the regulatory controls that apply to your business.

Compliance Program Solutions – We build solutions that are unique to our clients’ needs based on options that fit your timeline, budget and risk level. These include responding to a regulators audit or provincial crown agency requirements, developing policies & procedures for new requirements like credit, front money, player rewards and other ad hoc compliance needs.

Gaming Compliance


Compliance Program Review – Looking for an independent review of your compliance program? Our experienced compliance specialists will conduct exercises involving a deep dive & analysis of current environment, conduct a review of policies, procedures and processes, your training program and provide an in-depth report on strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for improvements.

Compliance Policies & Procedures – We help clients develop first class corporate policies and procedures applicable to a range of gaming operations, which we will tailor to your needs. We create a unique policy platform to underpin the gaming operation that provides effective, risk-based controls for regulatory compliance.

Compliance Audits – We have a wealth of experience conducting gap analyses of compliance programs to identify areas for improvement. The compliance audit is responsible for ensuring compliance to regulatory legislation, standards and contractual obligations.

Compliance Training – A robust compliance program must have a strong organizational compliance training program for all employees. We have a wealth of experience delivering gaming-related training and professional development for staff, managers and executives.


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