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In our first website iteration Other Services said: “Surprise. There are no other services. All we do is Gaming Compliance and Gaming AML.” Well times have changed since we built the website in 2021. While we continue to be focused on Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering many of our existing and new clients have asked for help in other areas.

While we offer many other services, it’s important to note we only specialize in gaming. Many of our competitors offer gaming services, but it is not their specialty and their employees do not have experience in the industry. Our competitive advantage is the fact we only do gaming and all of our advisors have had extensive careers in this industry. You get to deal with true professionals who understand the business from the ground up.  Our clients love us because we get things done; on time and on budget.

So back to Other Services. Yes, indeed we have taken on other services to help our clients. We have added Marketing, Slots, Security and Surveillance. If you need help and it has to do with gaming give us a call. If we do not have the expertise, we will get it. If we cannot get it, we will refer you to someone that does have the expertise. We are here to help and we love the business. Email or call us anytime. We would love to hear from you

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Advisory Services to the gaming sector. Land Based, cGaming, iGaming, Provincial Gaming Agencies and Gaming Regulators.