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Security & Surveillance Services

Gaming industry Security and Surveillance provides a level of protection for all assets within the facility, not only physical assets such as guests, employees, cash, chips, cards etc. but the overall reputation of the business. It is of extreme importance that gaming organizations have high levels of integrity by maintaining a public trust that the facility is focused on fairness, honesty, and safety. Managing these departments can be a challenge with your security and surveillance leaders trying to keep up with multiple business demands and getting overwhelmed with administrative requirements such as HR, recruitment, scheduling, reports, emails, memos, meetings, etc.

We are here to help. Your leaders need to focus on the day-to-day duties of operating the security and surveillance departments and ensuring they provide the high levels of integrity to all of your stakeholders expected of your gaming operation. We can focus on tasks or projects where your leaders do not have the time or resources to get them tackled. In addition, we can work collaboratively with your leaders providing expert advice by identifying gaps in processes & procedures and then create and develop best practices for implementation.

Some examples of the expertise we offer are outlined below.

Security & Surveillance Services

Develop and Assist in Implementing Policies and Procedures – We can develop the smallest to the more complicated processes into a policy or procedure that meet any regulatory requirements. Oftentimes multiple departments are involved; we will collaborate with and take this into consideration to create policies for each department depending on the role they play within the procedure. We can provide advice, support, and direction post implementation..

Develop and Implement Security / Surveillance Manuals and Internal Control Standards – Policies and procedures for specific tasks are extremely important but combining all of those processes and internal expectations into departmental manuals or company standards can be overwhelming. Organizing and formatting the information is a specialty of ours by creating documents that provide quick reference with easily understood material that may be effectively utilized for company training purposes.

Security/Surveillance Manager Training – We are dedicated to mentoring managers and team members, supporting professional development for employee success and retention. Motivating team leaders to set and achieve their goals while keeping up with the day-to-day expectations is not always easy. A skilled coach will lead and engage these managers by providing support and knowledge to excel and create their own high-performing team.

Develop and Implement Security/Surveillance Training Program – All employees require a foundation to learn from and a proper training program that encompasses all aspects of the role by defining expectations are keys to a successful program. We will help design a program that fits your needs and create a level of accountability for your team to learn and succeed.

Risk Threat Vulnerability Assessments (RTVA) – We will provide a complete and thorough review of your existing controls to identify risk/threat/vulnerability. This includes determining what controls exist, if any, to mitigate those risks. We will provide a detailed examination of the risks/threat/vulnerability along with potential solutions that may be implemented to reduce the overall risk.

Compliance Risk Assessment – Many gaming facilities have existing policies and procedures but may not be fully aware of the context and importance these controls play or if they are being implemented properly. With years of experience we have the ability to comprehend and fully understand these standards and assess the level in which compliance is being maintained. We can provide an assessment that defines the level in which the standards are being adhered to and provide direction to fully comply.

Provide Project and Temporary Management Services for Security/Surveillance Projects– The unfortunate reality is that violence and natural disasters are occurring at record levels. Having your business prepared for these circumstances by conducting assessments to create emergency response plans for implementation is key for everyone’s safety. We have experience creating evacuation plans, lock-down scenarios, active shooter and robbery protocols, bomb threat response, strike contingency, disaster, and recovery processes. Our goal is to focus on safety during crisis situations, business continuity, provide staff educational material and ensure your procedures include a de-brief and support system for team members that could be negatively affected by the incident.

Compliance Risk Assessment – You may be building or transitioning into a new facility, updating systems, or simply overwhelmed with implementing processes. We can help you and assist project owners and general contractors in designing and implementing security and surveillance systems, camera installations, mapping tools and CAD designs or project drawings, identify and implement industry-leading technology enhancements, and help you create RFP/RFQ’s. You may need help to implement a new process, learn proper record keeping and documentation procedures, create internal strategies to mitigate risk and are unsure where to start. No project is too big or small if you need assistance. Our experts are ready and willing to support you through the journey.

Conduct Security/Surveillance Operational Audit/Review – So many organizations have implemented different processes to achieve success. With our years of experience and opportunities to visit multiple sites we have the capability to identify when something could be improved or enhanced, where there may be a gap in the process or suggest implementing a process that does not exist at all. 

Consult for Casino – If you just need someone to come into your business and take a look at your overall processes or something more specific; we can do that too! Sometimes it is hard to see beyond what is currently in place to identify strengths and weaknesses, we are here to help you with whatever casino function you may require.


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