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Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

With the growing global crackdown on financial crime and gaming regulators being ever vigilant about anti-money laundering (AML), gaming organizations call on Gaming Advisory Services’ expertise to ensure they are in full compliance.

Our expertise in Gaming Operations, AML, and FINTRAC requirements can provide a detailed examination of – and then provides recommendations for –internal control standards, casino operations, AML compliance, surveillance, and other regulated aspects of the legal gambling industry. Read More Here

Gaming Compliance

Gaming Advisory Services has specialist and in-depth knowledge of gaming compliance to assist your organization’s needs. We offer real-world experience to develop a balance between operational requirements and effective regulatory controls for existing gaming organizations or start-up gaming organizations. We help our clients by providing:

Compliance Advice – Our team has real-world experience to discuss and provide solutions to your compliance questions. Call us for a no obligation conversation about how we can help you develop or enhance your compliance needs. Read More Here

Gaming Advice

Gaming Advice


Are you getting the right returns from your marketing investments? Are you looking to embark on new marketing strategies or initiatives that are outside your existing expertise? Gaming Advisory Services can help.  Read More Here

Security and Surveillance Services

Gaming industry Security and Surveillance provides a level of protection for all assets within the facility, not only physical assets such as guests, employees, cash, chips, cards etc. but the overall reputation of the business. It is of extreme importance that gaming organizations have high levels of integrity by maintaining a public trust that the facility is focused on fairness, honesty, and safety.   Read More Here

Gaming Advice

Slot Strategy

Today’s gaming organizations are overloaded with information and data; whether from slot vendors, their gaming management solution and/or whatever other systems they may utilize. Your managers are pushed and pulled all over trying to manage customers, employees, executives, suppliers, marketing, revenue & expense management, and the myriad of activities to keep the business running smoothly. How do you manage all of the slot data in an effective and efficient manner so that it drives long-term sustainable revenue?   Read More Here

Other Gaming Services

In our first website iteration Other Services said: “Surprise. There are no other services. All we do is Gaming Compliance and Gaming AML.” Well times have changed since we built the website in 2021. While we continue to be focused on Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering many of our existing and new clients have asked for help in other areas.   Read More Here


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Advisory Services to the gaming sector. Land Based, cGaming, iGaming, Provincial Gaming Agencies and Gaming Regulators.