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Slot Services

Today’s gaming organizations are overloaded with information and data; whether from slot vendors, their gaming management solution and/or whatever other systems they may utilize. Your managers are pushed and pulled all over trying to manage customers, employees, executives, suppliers, marketing, revenue & expense management, and the myriad of activities to keep the business running smoothly. How do you manage all of the slot data in an effective and efficient manner so that it drives long-term sustainable revenue? And more importantly who do you utilize to help with this work? Do you invest in one of the exploding numbers of costly gaming analytics and/or A.I. solutions organizations?

At Gaming Advisory Services we offer cost effective and practical advice to get and keep your slots performing at optimum levels while ensuring a great player experience. We will focus our efforts on the right data – the kind of data that is actionable and gives meaningful insights into customer needs and desires. We have experts who can review and provide guidance on your program or if needed take the lead to get and keep you on the right track. Ensuring the right mix of games, at the right price, aligned to customer demands and preferences will generate incremental and sustainable revenue for the long-term success of your business while ensuring a high level of customer experience. One of the most important lessons for those looking at slot floor optimization is that it is not a onetime process. To truly execute an effective long-term slot program, a feedback loop is essential so that operators can learn from the decisions they are making and truly understand the health and wealth of all levels of the slot floor business. If you are looking for a one stop solution to help simplify the lives of your management team, give us a call.

Slot Services

Slot Advice – Our team has real-world experience to discuss and provide solutions to your slot needs. Call us for a no-obligation conversation about how we can help or enhance your slot program.

Data Management – The first step in any slot floor optimization process is accessing and cleaning all the available data. It can come from multiple sources, often in different formats, with different nomenclatures and standards associated with them. We will work with your team to properly analyze these data points, looking at factors such as denomination, location, game manufacturer and game type to ensure you have the right product, at the right price aligned to customer demand.

Slot Program Development – Our experienced slot advisors will develop a slot program that meets your operational needs and will generate incremental & sustainable revenue to ensure the long-term success of your organization.

Vendor Negotiations – We have been working with gaming vendors for years and have negotiated agreements that have been more cost effective than major gaming organizations. We will negotiate favorable terms that reduce your purchase, rev share or lease expenses.

Slot Program Review – Looking for an independent review of your slot program? Our experienced slot advisors will conduct a deep dive & analysis of the current environment, conduct a review of your slot program, and provide an in-depth report summarizing the opportunities to optimize the gaming floor

Slot Training – To have a successful slot program you must have a strong organizational slot training program for applicable employees. We have a wealth of experience developing, implementing, and delivering slot training that will help achieve your organizations goals


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