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Stuart Walker

Stuart is a Gaming Operations expert with over 25 years working in senior roles in the gaming industry. He provides expert advice and develops creative strategies to support his clients.  As the founder of Gaming Advisory Services, he has been a consultant in the gaming industry with a focus on Compliance and AML.  Stuart leads projects, providing guidance & strengthening business outcomes for organizations that require a unique understanding of daily gaming operations, compliance and regulatory obligations.  He has built a reputation for successfully managing complex enterprise-wide initiatives that are executed to meet the business needs of his clients.


Stuart’s expertise, leadership abilities and passion allowed him to advance in the gaming industry to senior roles overseeing all areas of the business. As the VP of Gaming operations for the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp, he had responsibility for 19 properties with revenue in excess of $1.8B.   He continues to have strong working relationships with Provincial Gaming Agencies, Regulators and Gaming Operators throughout Canada. He is able to utilize his years of operational experience and relationships in the industry to assist organizations with navigating compliance and operational needs to advance their business.


Jean-François Lefebvre

Jean-François is an Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Expert, a Lawyer and a member of the Quebec Bar Association. In addition to his law degree, Mr. Lefebvre holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Université Laval with a specialization in Finance, and a graduate degree in Taxation from Université de Sherbrooke. Furthermore, he sat for many years on the Board of the ACAMS Montreal Chapter (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists), the premier organization for anti-money laundering professionals around the world.

Jean-François Lefebvre has been advising Canadian casino organizations on AML matters for over seventeen years. He has worked with casinos from all jurisdictions and of all sizes, both during his time with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) and as a consultant. Prior to his return to the private sector as a consultant, Jean-François held a senior position in the Montréal office of FINTRAC for seven years. He has chaired the Casino sector nationwide for many years with FINTRAC, travelling throughout Canada and working with casino organizations of all sizes and from all jurisdictions. He has conducted compliance examinations at hundreds of organizations in all provinces.

Jean-François wrote articles in several publications including the Canadian Gaming Magazine and frequently lectured on the topic of money laundering at the Canadian Gaming Summit as well as other conferences. He was also a special guest and speaker at Université de Sherbrooke for many years in their Financial Crime Graduate Degree Program.

Jean-François has extended knowledge of AML compliance in Canadian casinos and best practices within this industry. He works with land-based casinos and iGaming organizations. Over the last few years, he has been working with iGaming Ontario (before and after the launch of their iGaming activities) and has been advising various iGaming Operators in complying with their AML requirements. His in-depth expertise allows him to give highly valuable practical advice.

Kelly Tessier

Kelly has extensive regulatory gaming compliance experience in both the public and the private sector. Her unique career has evolved from working with a Regulatory Gaming Authority and a Gaming Crown Corporation to working with an international Land-Based Casino Operator and an Online Gaming Service Provider.

Kelly has a proven track record as a highly capable and professional compliance leader. Her experience includes: developing compliance teams, providing solid direction and conducting a comprehensive operational analysis to successfully establish strategic policies and risk mitigation measures to ensure a robust entity-wide compliance regime.


Kelly uses her particularly strong communication and relationship building skills to work collaboratively to achieve best practices that are beneficial for all stakeholders. Some examples of her successful achievements include: Chief Compliance/Privacy Officer leading the Privacy, Compliance & AML activities for an International Casino Operator and she was responsible for regulatory compliance for the OLG iGaming service provider– in which she was the driving force for her site achieving the Responsible Gambling Certification – Gold Standard. Kelly has been both a Chairperson and member of many gaming compliance-related committees for AML, AODA, Responsible Gambling, Compliance Governance and Privacy.


Julie Nolte, CPA, CMA, CA

Over her twenty years of experience with commercial gaming site operators in the Ontario gaming industry, she has held positions of Vice President Administration and Compliance as well as numerous other senior management roles that included gaming operations, compliance and accounting.

Julie’s familiarity and experience with gaming operations and the regulatory environment in Ontario, facilitated her significant contribution to the creation of control activities and successful implementation of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) Registrar’s Standards for Gaming.

Julie has been involved in assisting both prospective and current Operators to enter and / or navigate the compliance and regulatory requirements in Ontario’s iGaming market. Her level of engagement ranges from creation of the Control Activities Matrix and related policies and procedures to a project lead.

Her many accomplishments include leading through the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) transition to the current conduct and manage model, AGCO Standards Implementation, RG Check Accreditation (Responsible Gambling Accreditation), implementation of an Anti-Money Laundering Program, Data Governance, compliance to the Casino Electronic Gaming Devices and Gaming Systems Minimum Technical Standards, identifying opportunities for efficiencies and streamlining. In addition, she has participated on various committees in the province of Ontario to drive and implement change.

Julie currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Responsible Gambling Council (Ontario).

Adriana Spatzner

Adriana is a Marketing expert with over 30 years of experience including 20 years working in the Canadian gaming industry. As the former Vice President of Marketing, Gaming for the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation, she led a team of approximately 60 members with responsibility over brand and advertising, promotions, the loyalty program and customer relationship marketing. In addition to customer research and analytics and group sales. Her team led all marketing activities for the gaming division which generated over $1.8B in annual revenues. Adriana’s expertise in marketing also extends to Horse Racing where she created and launched a category brand for Ontario Racing, and in hospitality where she worked on various casual dining brands.


As an executive with much responsibility, Adriana has developed strategic expertise in establishing and growing brands and executing initiatives that deliver on business growth objectives. Utilizing customer data and research, she identifies key insights to define strategies in areas such as customer acquisition, customer experience and loyalty, brand awareness and allegiance, promotions, sales, and sponsorships. She has expertise building B2C campaigns and initiatives through various channels including traditional media and digital. She has a track record for building strong and collaborative relationships, creating award winning campaigns and exceeding goals and objectives.


Earl Cobb

An exceptional leader with 23 years of progressive experience in Casino Operations. Earl led the slot program (25,000 games) in Ontario working with key stakeholders within Ontario Lottery & Gaming and the commercial gaming operators to drive growth in a sustainable manner. He introduced slot strategies that enhanced the player experience and ensured player safety was a priority. Earl has held many progressive positions in his gaming career, such as: Operations Manager, General Manager, and Director of Electronic Gaming to name a few. He is well respected throughout the gaming industry for his knowledge and ability to work with all stakeholders. He has strong relationships with regulators, crown gaming agencies, private operators and vendors throughout North America.

Earl’s many accomplishments include Chairing the Ontario Slots Initiatives Committee, assisting the OLG in the transition to the current Conduct and Manage model, and working closely with the regulator on implementing the AGCO Standards. He has also participated on various committees in the Province of Ontario and in Canada to drive and implement change. Earl is well-versed in analytic methodologies and process improvement practices. He is recognized as an expert in driving strategic implementation initiatives and operational excellence models to enable growth and improve business performance. Earl uses his strong communication and relationship building skills to work collaboratively to achieve best practices that are mutually beneficial for stakeholders.

Rhonda Connors

Dynamic security, surveillance, and compliance program manager with 25+ years of hands-on work in investigations, regulatory corporate security, and asset protection. She is known as a motivating team leader, skilled in managing diverse and high-performing teams, with experience in recruitment, training, and retention strategies. Rhonda is well respected for her experience completing confidential investigations, and her knowledge of all aspects of security and surveillance. In addition, she has formidable knowledge as it applies to Anti-Money Laundering, policy development, budgeting, continuity, and emergency business planning including assessments and de-briefs.


Rhonda provides expert advice to clients regarding their current operation(s) and identifying gaps in processes through needs assessments and evaluations. She creates and develops procedures and best practices for implementation including emergency response planning, evacuations, lockdowns, active shooter, bomb threats and disaster by conducting assessments, de-briefing and providing staff educational material. She coaches and mentors leadership teams through effective coordination and change management.

She is dedicated to mentoring team members, supporting professional development for employee success, and leading engaged diverse teams. She has the ability to identify gaps, investigate, resolve, and create procedures while maintaining compliance. As a certified Master Coach, she has a positive work ethic with a respectful and motivational influence alongside anyone she works with.


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