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Who We Are

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Our Focus Is Only Gaming

We think it is important that you understand who our services are for and thought you might like to know who our services are not for.

“Who Are” our services for?

  • Land Based Gaming
  • Organizations
  • cGaming Organizations
  • iGaming Organizations
  • Provincial Gaming Agencies
  • Gaming Regulators

“Who Are” our services not for?

  • Banks
  • Insurance Organizations
  • Real Estate Organizations
  • Money Service Businesses
  • And anyone else that is not involved in Gaming



We love the gaming industry and nothing better than helping you with your gaming compliance and AML needs.  We understand your pain. Your issues. For most people compliance and AML take all the fun out of running a business. Not for us.

Over 90+ Years Of Experience

Our team has spent 90+ years working on gaming regulations. Providing advice, policy & procedure development, program development, risk assessments, training, audits and more. We have experienced compliance and AML audits from regulators, internal audits, external audits, FINTRAC audits and from 3rd party audits. We know how great it feels when you have an audit with no findings and how awful it feels when you have multiple findings. We have spent many sleepless nights thinking about what went wrong and what needed to be done to ensure our clients were in compliance.

We have executed countless mitigation plans to address findings and implemented them seamlessly at multiple sites. We have written policies & procedures and helped our clients implement them resulting in great feedback from the regulator. We have a reputation for action and getting results. We understand gaming compliance and AML because we have been in the trenches at gaming sites. We have seen and experienced why compliance and AML are critical to a gaming organization’s success in a highly regulated business. We have an excellent working relationship with key stakeholders, government agencies, regulators & 3rd parties.

Gaming is all we know and all we do. Let us help you with your compliance and AML issues and make it fun again for you to run your organization. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing your business meets all gaming laws and regulations. Give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.


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Advisory Services to the gaming sector. Land Based, cGaming, iGaming, Provincial Gaming Agencies and Gaming Regulators.